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 "RegView" and "RegView Pro" for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP


RegView 2.21 is free upgrade to 2.X registered users, email me for details.

RegView 2.21

New Features since 2.2:

  1. "Restore Export" and "Redo Export": After the Registry Compare, now RegView provides "Restore Export" and "Redo Export" which will export the registry changes into a Win95 "*.reg" file so that you can use "Import registry files" to restore or redo the registry changes without running "restore and compare" again.
  2. "Restore Save" and "Redo Save": Since Win95 "*.reg" file's architect lacks of the ability to remove registry key or value. So RegView create a new "*.rrg" and "*.drg" file structure to add this ability. "Restore Save" and "Redo Save" will save "Added, Changed and Deleted" registry info as well. Then you can use "Restore RegView Registry Files" or "Redo RegView Registry Files" (under "File" menu) to restore or redo registry changes including "delete" registry entries as well.

RegView 2.21

Bug Fix:

  1. Fix a bug which didn't restore "autoexec.bat" and "config.sys" when using "Quick Compare and Restore".
  2. Fix a bug which skips comparing the registry keys following any key of which string value contains "Ctrl-Z".